day camps

Let's make a whole day of Cycling. Cycling Causes invites the whole family to get on their bikes and take part in a skills and safety clinic. We will cover areas from proper safety equipment to improving bike handling skills. And being better able to control one's bike is key to riding safer.

The clinics also include bike maintenance instruction. Having a bike that is working properly is an important part of being safe and fully enjoying one's ride.

Cycling Causes... special days of being safer, enjoying a healthy lifestyle and fun!

Private and semi-private lessons also available.

riding area construction

Cycling Causes will work with Schools, Organizations, land owners and Communities to develop riding areas that are safe and fun for riders of all ages and skill levels. Once someone has the desire to ride, having an exciting place to ride is key to helping keep that passion growing.

Many find it hard to travel to larger riding areas. Or live in areas where it is dangerous to ride due to traffic and congestion. Building small, yet fun, riding areas right in these communities has a huge impact on creating safer, more active places to live.

Cycling Causes... places to play!


Want a great show to get people excited about Healthy Living, Being Drug-Free, Caring about their Environment and Community, Believing in Themselves and having Fun?

Cycling Causes... all that to happen.

The Cycling Causes Demo Show brings jumps and ramps and  obstacles to create a unique show featuring many different types of cycling. And with a team that ranges in age from 12 to 40 something, there is interest for people of all ages.

After school enrichment programs


Summer Camps

Our After School Enrichment Programs and Camps are based off a Science Technology Engineering Math - STEM Program developed by USA BMX. The Program is equal part education, and equal part athletics and exercise. The eight module curriculum gets kids having fun while learning important skills.

Cycling Causes provides bikes, safety gear and tools so anyone can participate. We'll even bring our portable riding area to your location to give the kids something exciting to ride on.

Cycling Causes.... kids to want to learn and develop a healthy lifestyle.

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